What about Evolution?

What about Missing Links?

If evolution is true and different animals evolved into other kinds of animals over a long period of time, we should expect that the fossil record would record these changes and we should find many fossils of animals that are in the process of changing into other animals.

There is a lot of talk these days about the so-called 'missing links'; a supposed group of fossils that are half way between apes and humans. School textbooks have lots of colourful pictures of these creatures. However none of these fossils give convincing evidence that man has evolved from apes. Most of these 'ape men' have now been disproved and are rejected by evolutionists themselves. A list of these is shown below:

There are some fossils that are still portrayed as being the ancestors of humans. However these are far from convincing and the main ones are shown below.

So we can see that the entire list of transitional forms between apes and men can effectively be reduced to zero.

This leads us to ask a series of questions; if apes turned into humans over millions of years, why in the fossil record do we only find humans and apes? Why do we still find the original creatures that other creatures supposedly evolved from? How have some been left behind? For more info these so-called 'ape men' please click here.

One thing however is certain; the missing link is still missing!